5 Fun Facts About Madden

Football fans are all-too-familiar with the Maiden name. First coming to the entertainment world in 1988, these video games put football fans amidst the action, taking the field as their favorite teams and players, putting forth blood, sweat, and tears to make the touchdown. Madden games have evolved over time, of course, and today’s game has options such as customized players, trades, and more. If you want to know more about Madden than you already do, take the time to read the five fun Madden facts below.

1- Hacks Available

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2- Trumps the Competition

The Madden games trump the competition, and serves as the most anticipated game release of any NFL title. Madden always brings new flavor to the video game and to the football world. There’s little wonder why it’s such a hot title. But, you shouldn’t take the word of anyone else and should instead learn firsthand. What better to do than sit down and immerse yourself in a little football action?

3- Players Train With Madden

No, it isn’t a myth. NFL players really do use the Madden football games to help train and condition themselves during pre-season and the regular season alike. The games are so realistic; players can see their actual moves and plan ahead for their own games! How cool is that? If you think that it is only you that plays Madden, think again. Everyone plays this game, including the NFL players themselves.

4- Alone or With the Team

Playing Madden is something you can do when you’re home alone searching for entertainment or when all your friends are over and it’s time for action. If you want to play against the computer, by all means go ahead. But, you also have the option to take the fun online to play against other Madden fans from around the world.

5- It’s a Big Deal

Pac-man is a game that everyone knows and, at least once, has played. Zelda is also another video game that was quite popular in its time and that many still enjoy today. But, Madden is beloved far more than each of these games, even combined. In fact, add a third popular title to the mix, the Halo game, and Madden is still popular than all three together. If that doesn’t prove just how popularly fascinating Madden games are, nothing will.

There isn’t a game better than Madden for any football fan who also loves video game action. These five fun Madden tips may not help you play the game, but they certainly put you in the mix with lots of knowledge of Madden so you can impress all your friends. A quick Google search will reveal more Madden facts that you might want to know.