Shooting from the hip on your damp proofing specialists in london

Can’t pinpoint the time of the year just yet, because there’s no telling when you blokes will be reading this note. We’re keeping it as short as possible because we know how busy you all are. Can’t say whether it’s to get to the footie or pack the boot for your next continental holiday, because again, no idea when you’ll be reading this. But no matter, because there’s one thing that you’re all quite familiar with by now.

It’s that ruddy damp. Doesn’t matter where in london you’re laying your head or laying your bricks, it’s all over the place, in the basement or up in the cellar. It’s inside the rooms too, from the floor to the ceiling. Maybe you’ve had a go at nipping the problem in the bud. By now, you know that you failed. Right, from this moment on, no more failures and no more damp either, not since you’re about to enlist the services of one of the top-notch damp proofing specialists in london and its surrounds.

Before, you went with the flow; in more ways than one. See where that got you. Blokes in battered vans showed up when it suited them. You didn’t mind because they gave you knock-off prices. So you forked out the cash and prayed to the weather gods that all would be well. But by the time the next big downpour arrived all went to, well, you know. Even if you thought you were lucky one year, the water still came back, and boy, did it flow.

London and most parts of the island are notorious for its cold and wet weather during the winter months. Most of you are quite used to it by now, but for the newcomers, it’s not so easy to get used to now is it. In recent years, the city has also had its fair share of extremely and un-seasonally high temperatures during the summer months. Experts on the weather and climate change are calling it the new normal. The warm and dry weather, however, doesn’t do a thing to solve your damp walls, ceilings and floor problems.

Sure, all seems hunky dory for a while, but by the time the next cold front arrives, all and sundry are given a right seeing to, weather wise and water not so wise. Don’t wait for the next time. Don’t leave things to chance. Don’t be cheap. Take responsible action. There’s a good way of putting it; take ownership of your situation. That’s particularly the case if you own your own property. And just because you’re renting, don’t wait for the landlord to come around to the problems either.

Get hold of the damp proofing specialists yourself, get them to do the job good and proper first time around, pay the bill and send the receipts to your insurer. See how far you get with the landlord after that. Either way, there’s going to be a wake-up call for him as well.